Bringing Computer Vision to conservation

SnapCat is an open-source "smart" camera trap that leverages computer vision and low-power computing technology to automatically identify wildlife.


It is currently being developed to help detect and remove invasive species from islands, but has the potential to be applied in various conservation efforts. 

Join the Cause

We are always on the lookout for passionate and curious hobbyists to join our project. If you have experience with Tensorflow, embedded firmware development, or product design, we’d especially like to hear from you. 

Restoring balance

SnapCat is currently being developed to aid Island Conservation in the detection and removal of invasive feral cats from the Rock Islands of Palau. Palau is home to 13 endemic species of birds, such as the endangered Micronesian Megapode, that are in danger of extinction if no removal efforts are conducted. By using computer vision and low-power wireless sensor networks, we hope to expedite the removal process and restore balance to the fragile island ecosystem.

Read more about Island Conservation’s partnership with Palau.

Help US Protect Fragile Ecosystems

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Images Courtesy of Tommy Hall & Island Conservation